Thoughts on Pet Painting

So I have been painting pets for over a year now, each week I get a new batch of pets and commissions to work on. Cats, dogs, birds, turtles, you name it, I have probably painted it. You think this could get old, but no, I can honestly say that I still LOVE IT! Every week it is really exciting to get a new group of pets to paint!


Between working on commissions and other paintings, guess what, I still paint pets! Currently working on creating a collection of breeds of both cats and dogs. It is really rewarding to create and capture their personalities. I think it is because each one is different, each pet and breed has their own quirks that really add to the painting and the painting experience.

I can get tired, some days I find myself spacing out and really having to motivate myself to get up and paint. However, knowing I get a new bunch of paintings to do each week really works out for the best. It really keeps things interesting. Same whenever I get a new commission I get super excited when it is time for the photos!

Anyway, after a year, I still love painting pets! So send ‘em my way!

Taking Reference Photos

One thing that is always on my mind is reference photos. I know this probably is not on most people’s mind, but I am always thinking of the next “shot”. It could be for an Instagram photo or for the inspiration for a painting, either way I am always taking some sort of photograph. These days it is immensely easier with the availability of phone cameras, and the fact that everyone expects photos to be taken, to be snapping photos all the time. As my primary focus tends to be pets, there are many places that I can take these photos.


Friends pets are an option, pet stores, adoption centers, and dog parks are some of my favorite places to take photos. Part of the key to taking these photos is taking LOTS, sometimes to an obnoxious amount, you never know which will be the one that makes a great painting. Composition is in the back of my mind, but really having some time to observe what the animal is doing is important to me. So it is good to find a balance between taking the photos and observing.