Thoughts on Pet Painting

So I have been painting pets for over a year now, each week I get a new batch of pets and commissions to work on. Cats, dogs, birds, turtles, you name it, I have probably painted it. You think this could get old, but no, I can honestly say that I still LOVE IT! Every week it is really exciting to get a new group of pets to paint!


Between working on commissions and other paintings, guess what, I still paint pets! Currently working on creating a collection of breeds of both cats and dogs. It is really rewarding to create and capture their personalities. I think it is because each one is different, each pet and breed has their own quirks that really add to the painting and the painting experience.

I can get tired, some days I find myself spacing out and really having to motivate myself to get up and paint. However, knowing I get a new bunch of paintings to do each week really works out for the best. It really keeps things interesting. Same whenever I get a new commission I get super excited when it is time for the photos!

Anyway, after a year, I still love painting pets! So send ‘em my way!