acrylic painting

Fatso & Shorty Acrylic Painting

These two were another cute pair that was fun to paint. They presented a bit of a challenge, as they were in different photos, that were taken from slightly different angles. I usually like to stick quite close to the reference material so the end painting is representative to the pet itself. in this case, we had a similar enough photo, I was able to compensate the angles and photoshop together a reference that looked accurate.

Fatso Shorty.jpg

The background on this one was also a new adventure, and let me tell you, leaves are hard! Getting the correct balance of detail and blur to represent depth is quite difficult.

Looking back at 2018!

Well it is the last day of 2018, it sure went by quickly. Looking back on the year I have definitely grown as an artist and learned a lot. I wanted to visually break down what I have done this year and since I started working on pet portraits. Here are the numbers:

1775 Total Paintings

1203 Dogs

502 Cats

20 Birds (16 Parrots/Budgies, 2 Pigeons, 1 Finch, 1 Hummingbird, 1 Chicken)

15 Guinea Pigs

12 Rabbits

4 Iguanas/Lizards

3 Pigs

3 Horses

2 Hamsters

2 Rats/Mice

2 Ferrets

1 Hedgehog

1 Turtle

1 Snake

1 Fish

1 Donkey

1 Chinchilla


This doesn’t include any of the commissions or other projects I did this year, such as all the dogs for the card deck. Cool and crazy to think about!

Have a Happy New Year!