Visiting an Art Fair

I visited the Bellevue Arts Festival for the first time this past weekend. This is a large, long-running show that has a variety of different mediums represented. Technically it is three fairs rolled into one, 6th Street Fair, BAM ARTSfair and the Bellevue Festival of the Arts.


Overall I was very impressed with the artwork, especially the work in the covered parking structure. I enjoyed seeing the mediums that I am not as familiar with, but I always gravitate towards paintings! The work was pricey, however most artists offered reproductions that were more affordable. I am not sure how well the larger pieces sell, but I did see a few blank spots on walls from where larger pieces sold.


This show was defiantly about the art, and not so much the festival “scene”. Less live music and food than a festival setting in my opinion. Most artists seemed cheery and happy to be there, it was hot and people were keeping cool with fans. The thing that I felt was the biggest turn off from a customer perspective were any signs or displays that were not professionally made. Handmade “no photos” signs directly ON the artwork were not appealing to me.

Overall it was great to walk and scope out prices, booths, artwork, flow and location. I personally did not buy anything, but would had if I had more of a budget.

January 6x6 Pet Portraits

It has been awhile since I uploaded the pet portraits I do each week. These are all of the ones from January. 

The time I spend on each varies, as does the quality of the photos I am working from, so they all look a bit different!