Take Time to Get Away!

Monday snuck up on me this week! That would be because I chose to get away and visit my grandma at her amazing house on a lake. It is a gorgeous spot great for reflection and creativity. This allowed me to take some time to work on a few personal projects, such as starting a colorful quilt and working on some logo projects.

If possible I think there are great benefits to a change in environment for the working artist. Creativity comes through new and exciting experiences, and changing the everyday routine.  Different sounds, smells, routines, are all great for sparking this. Spending time in different environments broadens thinking and allows a new outlook on that project you have been trying to tackle.  

In order to stay creative and not burn out, breaks are good and essential. I did not doing any painting there but instead shifted my focus to working with color, trying to get an amazing bird photo (they don’t sit still ever!), and working on logos.

I am now more ready to dive back into painting with a bunch of blurry reference photos!

Bonus, we also met up with a few of Atlas’ litter mates and seeing 6 German Shepherds (5 Pups + Mom) play is quite cool!