5 Close to Home Places I go for Creative Inspiration

Creativity is not something that is always flowing, it has to be fueled and ignited. When I am in a slump or just want to think of things in a different way, there are a few places I can go for inspiration.

1.       The Internet

The internet is filled with enough inspiration to fill your head for days and is one of the easiest and the most convenient ways to become inspired. However, this method can be a lot to handle and can waste time, to prevent this try to set a time limit to how long you will browse. Stick to checking out certain websites that inspire creativity such as Pinterest, Behance, Artstation, or dribbble.

2.       Thrift Stores

The beauty of the thrift store is that you never know what you might find. This is why I love going, because anything could spark a creative idea. Looking in the book section is one of my favorite things to do, there are always some art books. You can also find great items for still life paintings or DIY projects.

3.       The Zoo

This one is a little further from home for be but still close enough that I could plan a trip easily. For me animals are extremely inspiring, I could watch them for hours studying their behavior and mannerisms. Taking the time to observe, take notes and photos can be a really rewarding process, as well as useful when making pieces.

4.       Outside In General

Sometimes a walk is all you need to become inspired or just clear your mind. Outdoor smells, colors, and daily life of things around you can be just what you need to get moving on an idea. Outside is a great place to start when looking for new perspectives. 

5.       The Grocery Store 

Not sure if all people would find this too inspiring, I don’t when there are too many people around, but the grocery store can appeal to my creative side. First it is great place to find inspiring food labels and packaging, assess aesthetics, and get design ideas. Second finding and selecting ingredients and fresh food for creating a dish or painting is exciting!