+ How much does a custom painting cost?

Prices depend on the size of canvas and the medium you choose and the number of subjects in the canvas. Click here to view the price list for standard sizes. I can provide a quote for any additional size not listed.

+ Are other sizes available?

Yes, I can accommodate most sizes! If you are interested in a size not listed in the shop please fill out the form at the bottom of the shop page and we can discuss options.

+ I placed a custom order via the website. Now what?

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Within 24 business hours of receiving your order, I’ll send you an email with instructions on what I’ll need from you. (If you haven't received anything within 2 business days, please check your spam filter.) This will include your input on background color, photos of your pet, and a description of your pet's personality.

I’ll take this information and create a pre-painting composition in Photoshop. We will work together until we've agreed on a final layout. From that point, you'll receive your finished portrait within 4-6 weeks.

Before shipping I will send you a digital photograph of your new work of art for approval or any final minor adjustments, free of charge (within reason). The painting will then be packed and shipped!

+ Can there be more than one pet on a canvas?

Depending on the size of the canvas, 2 or more pets may be able to be accommodated for an additional fee. For sizes smaller than 10x10, I do not recommend more than 1 pet per canvas.

+ How long until my painting is shipped?

As estimated arrival times vary, I ask that you allow an average of 4-6 weeks for custom artwork, assuming prompt communication on your end. If you've ordered multiple custom pieces, additional time may be needed. Please keep in mind that this is an estimate, and you may receive your item(s) sooner or later depending on your location. Please add an additional week for orders shipped outside of the United States.

+ How do I take a good photo of my pet?

The more detailed your photograph is, the more detailed your final painting can be. Photos of your pet in natural light, preferably in the shade to prevent harsh shadows, work really well.

Crouching to get at your pet's level is helpful for creating good perspective, and this will translate best to canvas. Photographing your pet on a hard surface such as wood flooring, concrete or windowsills is ideal as it allows us to see their paws. Remember that the eyes are the most expressive part of an animal’s face!

Also don’t forget to pay your model! Treats, toys, love and affection are all good payment! For more tips look here.

+ Do you accept rush orders? I need my painting fast!

Please remember that portraits are completed in the order in which they were commissioned and turnaround time will be discussed at time of ordering. I urge you to place your order for custom work at least 4 weeks in advance, but I understand this isn't always possible. If a portrait must be completed by a certain deadline, please get in touch with your timeline, if it requires changing the order of commissions, an additional fee may apply.

+ How is my pet’s painting made?

Your custom pet portrait is painted using professional acrylic or oil paints and brushes on Heavy Duty Canvas with a 1.5” deep profile. The canvas will be ready to hang as is with the edges painted, no framing needed. A layer of varnish is added to protect your art from dust and scratches and provide an even sheen on the painting.

Both my acrylic and oil paintings look similar due to the techniques that I use. An acrylic painting will dry and be ready to ship much faster. An oil painting will take longer to dry but provides a richer, more vibrant color.

+ How do I care for my piece?

I suggest gentle handling of your painting. Avoid touching the front surface of your painting. Holding and touching your piece won’t ruin it, but the oil from your fingers can linger on the surface and that’s something we’d like to stay away from.

Your painting is protected with varnish, so it is okay to blow away the dust from the surface on an as needed basis with compressed air. To clean the sides, use a soft, non-abrasive cloth and apply gentle pressure to wipe. Only clean the front if absolutely necessary.

Keep your artwork away from direct sunlight. The best type of light for your painting is indirect sunlight, recessed lighting, and halogen lights.

It is not advisable to place your artwork above a heat source such as fireplaces, and keep your painting away from Ultraviolet light.

It is not advisable to hang paintings in a moist environment such as a room which has a bath or shower. Try to display your paintings in a place where the relative humidity and temperature levels are fairly constant.