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Portrait rates are subject to change.

Prices do not include shipping and handling fees.

Please inquire if you would like a size not shown here.


Still not sure what size you will need? Here is a breakdown of the popular sizes at the base price (acrylic, 1 pet)! 

Small Canvases Text.jpg

Smaller sizes usually best for close up on the subject with solid or minimal background. 

6x6" - $84  8x8" - $128  8x10" - $162  10x10" - $200

Medium Canvases Text.jpg

Medium sizes have room for the entire body, toys, or more detailed backgrounds.  

9x12" - $210 12x12" - $264 11x14" - $275  16x16" - $384

Large Canvases Text.jpg


Large sizes have room for multiple pets or detailed backgrounds. There will be no limits to what you can imagine on a canvas!

16x20" - $432  20x20" - $480 18x24" - $504  24x36" - $780


Shipping within the contiguous United States for Small size is $16. Medium size is $31. Large size ranges from $45 -$80.

 You are also welcome to pick up your painting if you are in my area!