Artist Signature

Signatures are an interesting part of the creative process. It has a finality to it, once it is applied to a piece it usually is declared complete. At some point when I was first exploring art, I was told at some point not to sign the front of my artwork. Now that I think about it, I think was for anonymity when taking the AP Studio Art test back in high school. Or it could throw off the composition or something. Anyway I got into the habit of never signing my work on the front, all throughout college and into the beginning of my career.



More recently I have started always signing the back of my artwork but also having my initials on the front. I have never really felt that I needed my whole signature on the front as it is not too readable anyway. I feel that my initials do not detract from the work, look clean, and are individualistic to me, as I write the K and A in a small triangles.


Hopefully this “signing” of the front is becoming more recognizable and can be associated with me. Although many think this isn’t enough in the long run to only use initials I think it works with the combination of the signature and date on the back.

What do you think about using initials as a signature on the front? Is it enough? Down the road people wont be able to know just from initials, but maybe with the invent of google image search it could be?