Short Post - Sad the Olympics are over!

I’ve been watching the Winter Olympics the past 2 weeks, and I am quite sad they are over. I have a soft spot for the winter games, as I grew up in Park City, UT and was there for the 2002 games. These days there are people that I went to high school with that are Olympians! It is really cool to see them on TV knowing how much hard work they put into doing what they love.

Did you know that Art competitions were part of the Olympics from 1912 until 1948? Medals were awarded for works inspired by sports-related themes. While sports-related imagery isn’t really my thing, it’s cool that this was once a thing! I know these days they are working to incorporate art more-so, however not for medals. I do some sports related work in design though! Check out my Ultimate Frisbee designs!

Spawnfest Shorts.png