Traveling and Painting

I forgot to post last week again! 2nd time this year, oops! I was packing and heading for my Grandma’s house for the holiday’s. It is always an interesting task as I travel with my painting supplies and 3 dogs. Lets just say my car is very very full. Anyway traveling with the idea of painting is both challenging and beneficial. It is really nice to be able to get work done, but having to move all my supplies is a pain.

Usually I don’t have all my typical items and I currently am not a fan of my travel easel (even though it packs up nicely). So I bring a box with all my paint, the canvases I need, the brushes I use, my palette, towels, and more. Then I have to set up my space with all those supplies and my set up to film all my painting sessions, which requires a computer, camera, and something to hold the camera.

One of the biggest challenges of painting on the go is the paint dries differently in different environments. For example at my grandma’s house it is really dry, which causes the paint to dry faster and get a tacky feel while painting. It is more of a challenge to paint quickly.

Anyway today is Christmas eve and I for the first time since starting to paint full time am taking a week off from painting. Meaning I will be painting by Friday :).

Happy Holidays!

An X-Mas Post!

Merry Christmas! This post is a bit sappy, so thanks for reading :)

Painting from the first bit of 2017!

Painting from the first bit of 2017!

Looking back on the year 2017, I can’t believe that it is almost over. This year has gone by in a flash. I started the year off a bit directionless, I knew that I wanted to paint, but I was not sure how to make money doing it. The first half of the year was spent doing freelance design and working on selling paintings I had made. I wanted to try being a “daily painter” (an artist who paints a small painting every day and then posts it online to sell) this, however was not my style. It was a lot of stress, and thinking of something new to paint every day was awfully hard. I was ready to apply for graphic design jobs and go back to the 9-5.

Some of the design work from the beginning of 2017.

Some of the design work from the beginning of 2017.

Looking forward to 2018 I really hope to continue to go down this path, and grow my business. Thank you for reading, encouraging and working with me in all aspects of my life! I now am going to explode from eating way too many cookies and watch the Grinch for the millionth time! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Love, Kendra