Mila & Zula Oil Painting

I couldn’t wait to post this painting as it was one of my favorites to paint this past holiday season! Mila and Zula are two quite rambunctious labs oozing with personality! This oil painting was really fun due to the size, there was so much space to work with.

Zula & Mila.jpg

One thing I love to do is ask about the pet I am painting and learning about the quriks special to them. I love it when long descriptions like this are sent!

These two are ball doesn't matter where we are, even if its the most remote area, Zula will find a ball.  She's a freak.  And she just keeps dropping it in front of you to throw or kick for her.  Even if you kick it 2 inches, she will grab it and run for a bit like it was the greatest 2 inches of her life, and then drop it again for another throw or kick.  Mila is naughty...she jumps the fence into the neighbors yard any chance she can get.  She poops in their yard and then jumps back into our yard.  What a little turkey.  They both sleep with us on our bed.  Sometime my husband will go downstairs and sleep on the couch instead of kicking them off.  Mila loves to pull on Zula's collar.  She pulls on them while we are hiking and ultimately she will pull it off and we lose it.  The collar seen above on Zula is MIA now...somewhere in the Run A Muck.  


Originally I was planning a snowy background scene, but after speaking to the customer we decided to go with a more earthy/dirty background! You can see this change in the painting.