Brand Identity or Logo Design

Please take a moment to look through, and fill out this questionnaire, about you and your business. This is the first step in hiring me to create your brand identity and/or logo design.


Once you have completed the questionnaire I will send you a complete copy for your own records. 

Even if you don't end up hiring me, the information you have supplied here will be of use to whoever you do hire for your logo design, so please don't view this as a waste of time as you will be able to pass this information on to the next person.



The price-points below are just a guide to what you could expect for a certain price-point, however should not to be viewed as rigidly fixed.

General Rates

Small Business Logo Mark : $250 - $1000

If you are looking for a standalone logo mark, and are: a small business, self employed, freelancer, consultant, small web based business, or looking for a application icon design then you are looking at around $250 - $1000.

Small Business Identity: $1000 - $4000

Suitable if you are looking for something more substantial than just a standalone logo design. Maybe you have other visual brand identity requirements that a single logo design will not achieve for you. This will provide you with an identity solution including: substantial advice and consultation during and after the initial project ends.

Small to Large Business Visual Identity: $4000 - $8000+

If you are a small to large business/shop/skilled professional with/without physical locations/premises, a consultant, and generally any person or business that requires a solid visual identity to ensure that you can rely on your brand to attract the right clientele, then you are generally looking over $ 4000. This will ensure that I have the time and means to fully research and understand everything about what you do and what you need to say. Time is crucial when developing a strong visual identity, it needs to reflect the personality of your company as well as send out specific messages to potential customers. Larger projects usually takes at least a month, usually closer to two months to complete.

Large Business Visual Identity: $8000 - $12000 +

In this budget range we are mostly talking about companies/businesses that have a country/nationwide reach. Therefore, the work needed to adequately research and prepare for such large scale projects is significant.

Corporate Business : $12000 - $24000+

Here we are mostly talking about large corporate companies that have a country and global wide presence. As such, the pricing reflects the level of research and preparation needed for global rollout.



If would like to discuss options that I don’t mention, contact me at so we can find the right solution for you.

I am flexible, open to negotiations for all projects, and each project is unique and hard to provide a estimate without seeing a questionnaire.