Mila & Zula Oil Painting

I couldn’t wait to post this painting as it was one of my favorites to paint this past holiday season! Mila and Zula are two quite rambunctious labs oozing with personality! This oil painting was really fun due to the size, there was so much space to work with.

Zula & Mila.jpg

One thing I love to do is ask about the pet I am painting and learning about the quriks special to them. I love it when long descriptions like this are sent!

These two are ball doesn't matter where we are, even if its the most remote area, Zula will find a ball.  She's a freak.  And she just keeps dropping it in front of you to throw or kick for her.  Even if you kick it 2 inches, she will grab it and run for a bit like it was the greatest 2 inches of her life, and then drop it again for another throw or kick.  Mila is naughty...she jumps the fence into the neighbors yard any chance she can get.  She poops in their yard and then jumps back into our yard.  What a little turkey.  They both sleep with us on our bed.  Sometime my husband will go downstairs and sleep on the couch instead of kicking them off.  Mila loves to pull on Zula's collar.  She pulls on them while we are hiking and ultimately she will pull it off and we lose it.  The collar seen above on Zula is MIA now...somewhere in the Run A Muck.  


Originally I was planning a snowy background scene, but after speaking to the customer we decided to go with a more earthy/dirty background! You can see this change in the painting.

New Year Goals!

I think it is a good idea to make some goals for the New Year. These are not resolutions mind you, just keeping it loose and not full of guilt if they don’t happen to get completed! I am just going to write up bullet points to get a general idea of what my plans and goals are for this year. In no particular order:

·        Paint more paintings (wild animals vs. pets)

·        Deck of Cat Cards

·        Deck of Rescue Cards

·        Produce other inventory items to sell

·        Clean/Refurnish Studio

·        Get Newsletter going again

·       Do some giveaways!

·        Find gallery representation

·        Show around town (goal of 4 times)

·        Participate in an art fair

·        Travel and take more animal reference photos

·        Do more charity/support work

·        Research more into anatomy

·        Research more into zoology

·        Practice and learn more about sculpture

·        Re-vamp website?

·        Organize all computers! (seriously my computers are a mess!)

·        Start streaming on youtube or twich?

·        Play more soccer and ultimate so I don’t go crazy inside all the time

·        Walk the corgis at a consistent time!

·        Work in a café or somewhere other than my studio sometimes

·        Visit more galleries

·        Get better at promoting my art

There are probably way more things I could add to this list, but I think it is a good start. What do you want to get done this year?

Looking back at 2018!

Well it is the last day of 2018, it sure went by quickly. Looking back on the year I have definitely grown as an artist and learned a lot. I wanted to visually break down what I have done this year and since I started working for Chewy. Here are the numbers:

1775 Total Paintings

1203 Dogs

502 Cats

20 Birds (16 Parrots/Budgies, 2 Pigeons, 1 Finch, 1 Hummingbird, 1 Chicken)

15 Guinea Pigs

12 Rabbits

4 Iguanas/Lizards

3 Pigs

3 Horses

2 Hamsters

2 Rats/Mice

2 Ferrets

1 Hedgehog

1 Turtle

1 Snake

1 Fish

1 Donkey

1 Chinchilla


This doesn’t include any of the commissions or other projects I did this year, such as all the dogs for the card deck. Cool and crazy to think about!

Have a Happy New Year!

Traveling and Painting

I forgot to post last week again! 2nd time this year, oops! I was packing and heading for my Grandma’s house for the holiday’s. It is always an interesting task as I travel with my painting supplies and 3 dogs. Lets just say my car is very very full. Anyway traveling with the idea of painting is both challenging and beneficial. It is really nice to be able to get work done, but having to move all my supplies is a pain.

Usually I don’t have all my typical items and I currently am not a fan of my travel easel (even though it packs up nicely). So I bring a box with all my paint, the canvases I need, the brushes I use, my palette, towels, and more. Then I have to set up my space with all those supplies and my set up to film all my painting sessions, which requires a computer, camera, and something to hold the camera.

One of the biggest challenges of painting on the go is the paint dries differently in different environments. For example at my grandma’s house it is really dry, which causes the paint to dry faster and get a tacky feel while painting. It is more of a challenge to paint quickly.

Anyway today is Christmas eve and I for the first time since starting to paint for chewy am taking a week off from painting. Meaning I will be painting by Friday :).

Happy Holidays!

Make.Sale Thoughts!

This past Friday and Saturday I participated in the Make.Sale put on by the local art space Make.Shift. This was my first experience with doing a fair of any sort and it was a new experience! This is a local and pretty small fair, I kind of knew what to expect having gone to the venue in the past, however I had never been to the before. It was the type of fair where it is a good idea to have some low priced items as most who wandered through were there for the monthly art walk.


Before the fair I was really worried about how much inventory I had. I kept fluctuating on if I had enough, and decided to bring less of the more expensive items. The best seller was The Dog Pack deck of cards, priced at $16.

Setting up a display was fun! I was not allotted a ton of space but I tried to use both floor and table space. I think having a slightly bigger table in the future would be beneficial, I did not have much room for flat items on the table. The other thing I would do is have more labels, such as “Take a business card!”, etc.


Overall I made back my fair fee, but in the future I would definitely want to market the Custom Portraits as they are what gets the most interest. Due to the closeness to Christmas I actually played this aspect down because I am already full up on commissions.

The Dog Pack

On Small Business Saturday I announced my newest product, The Dog Pack!

The Dog Pack 8.jpg

I have wanted to do this project for at least 4 years, and I finally got around to getting it done. Originally I was going to work all digitally to complete it, but found that hand-painting the dogs was a better way to get the look I desired. Each dog was painted on paper in acrylic and then scanned into the computer to work into the design.

The Dog Pack 2.jpg

Breeds were chosen mostly based on popularity and assigned with what seemed to feel right! Sometimes this was based on size, or my personal interactions with that breed of dog.

The Dog Pack 7.jpg

The design was a tossup between doing something that looked “pop-art” style or vintage. In the end I felt that the vintage style just visually looked better so I went with that.

The Dog Pack 3.jpg

The Dog Pack includes:

Airedale, Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Shepherd, Basset Hound, Beagle, Bernese Mountain Dog, Bloodhound, Border Collie, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Brittany, Bull Terrier, Bulldog, Bullmastiff, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chihuahua, Dachshund, Dalmatian, Doberman, English Cocker Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel, French Bulldog, German Shepherd, German Shorthaired Pointer, Golden Retriever, Goldendoodle, Great Dane, Italian Greyhound, Jack Russell Terrier, Labrador Retriever, Maltese, Newfoundland, Old English Sheepdog, Papilion, Pit Bull, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Pomeranian, Poodle, Portuguese Water Dog, Pug, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Rottweilier, Saint Bernard, Samoyed, Scottish Terrier, Shar Pei, Shetland Sheepdog, Shiba Inu, Standard Schnauzer, Vizsla, Weimariner, West Highland White Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier

The Dog Pack 6.jpg

Painting of Ralphie

I forgot to post about this guy back when I painted him! It is always fun to paint older pets, so much white sprinkled in with the gold. Painting text was a new challenge in this one, I definitely don’t feel that it is my strong suit, but hey I tried and it’s on fabric so it is a bit more forgiving.


One thing I love to do is ask about the pet I am painting and learning about the quriks special to them. I love it when long descriptions like this are sent!

“Ralphie is a very social gold retriever who grew up on a lake.  When he was young he would roam the neighborhood looking for new friends.  If he found a party sometimes he wouldn't come home until the next day!  Although he does like other dogs, we like to joke he likes dog people more.  He also loves going to stone's throw brewing to get pets and beg for treats from the food trucks.  My parents bring him there every Friday.  They like to joke that he has to make it to his shift as a greeter. They even made him a bandana. He is very well known there.  Sometimes if we take him on a walk somewhere complete strangers will recognize him!  

Ralphie loves food.  I don't think he really cares what though.  He has even gotten in trouble for eating the neighbors cabbage out of her garden.  He loves everything from hotdogs to brussel sprouts.  His favorite toy is a stuffed California quail that  makes an authentic bird call.  He also likes to carry around shoes but never chews them.  We have  tried to get him other ones but  he hasn't liked them. One thing Ralphie does not do however is retrieve.”

That face!

That face!