Maxine, Frankie Louise, Daisy Mae, & Quincy Oil Painting

This was a really awesome and challenging painting to paint! It was a larger one and as you can see has 4 subjects! From left to right they are Maxine, Frankie Louise, Daisy Mae, & Quincy. 

4 Dogs.jpg

This one was a really fun one because it involved combining lots of references together and getting the lighting right on them. Each dog was in their own photo, two of them have passed. We actually did not have an official photo of one of the dogs and worked off of many photos to re-create her. Overall it was a really large challenge but very fun!  

Taking Reference Photos

One thing that is always on my mind is reference photos. I know this probably is not on most people’s mind, but I am always thinking of the next “shot”. It could be for an Instagram photo or for the inspiration for a painting, either way I am always taking some sort of photograph. These days it is immensely easier with the availability of phone cameras, and the fact that everyone expects photos to be taken, to be snapping photos all the time. As my primary focus tends to be pets, there are many places that I can take these photos.


Friends pets are an option, pet stores, adoption centers, and dog parks are some of my favorite places to take photos. Part of the key to taking these photos is taking LOTS, sometimes to an obnoxious amount, you never know which will be the one that makes a great painting. Composition is in the back of my mind, but really having some time to observe what the animal is doing is important to me. So it is good to find a balance between taking the photos and observing.

A Member of the Family


This month I am part of group show at Fourth Corner Frames called "A Member of the Family". This past Friday was the art opening, where all the artists were there to participate in Bellingham's Monthly Art Walk. The other artists, Haley Apollo, Linda Clark, Kay Davin, Emily Dieleman, and Karen Theusen, all had fabulous work and were a pleasure to talk to. Everyone's work was very different and it made for a very cohesive show. It was great to talk to local artists and local customers!

 Show title with Karen Theusen's work below it. 

Show title with Karen Theusen's work below it. 

All of my work that was on display was made within the past year, except the Basset Hound painting. Eight of my pieces were in oil and three were in acrylic. I think the large painting of Atlas was a favorite, probably due to it's size. Large paintings are my favorite! 

 Scout in the window.

Scout in the window.

 My work on the wall. 

My work on the wall. 

The painting of Scout was up in the window, my only worry with this was people were not aware that it was my work unless they looked at the back of the painting. 

 My cousin and I.

My cousin and I.

Overall it was a great opening and it will be up all month! So be sure to take some time and head to Fourth Corner Frames & Gallery and take a look! 

Visiting an Art Fair

I visited the Bellevue Arts Festival for the first time this past weekend. This is a large, long-running show that has a variety of different mediums represented. Technically it is three fairs rolled into one, 6th Street Fair, BAM ARTSfair and the Bellevue Festival of the Arts.


Overall I was very impressed with the artwork, especially the work in the covered parking structure. I enjoyed seeing the mediums that I am not as familiar with, but I always gravitate towards paintings! The work was pricey, however most artists offered reproductions that were more affordable. I am not sure how well the larger pieces sell, but I did see a few blank spots on walls from where larger pieces sold.


This show was defiantly about the art, and not so much the festival “scene”. Less live music and food than a festival setting in my opinion. Most artists seemed cheery and happy to be there, it was hot and people were keeping cool with fans. The thing that I felt was the biggest turn off from a customer perspective were any signs or displays that were not professionally made. Handmade “no photos” signs directly ON the artwork were not appealing to me.

Overall it was great to walk and scope out prices, booths, artwork, flow and location. I personally did not buy anything, but would had if I had more of a budget.

Upcoming Show at Fourth Corner Frames!

I will be part of a group show for the month of August! 

Atlas Painting, 4 ft x 2 ft, Kendra Aldrich.jpg

"A Member of the Family"

August 3 - September 1, 2018

Opening Reception August 3, 6-9 PM for Bellingham Art Walk

Forth Corner Frames Statement on the show:

"Bellingham abounds in artists, ...dogs, cats, horses, and ...well pets! At FCF we decided it was time to unite the two together. Examples of six artist's work will be on display. Participating artists will be here August 3rd during Art Walk! Coupons for framing any pet portraits are available during the show." 


311 W Holly St, Bellingham, WA



Glad to be a part of this show with some amazing local artists! I have a few pieces that have not been seen before in the show. I should be at the show during Bellingham's First Friday Art Walk, I hope to see you there!